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Carpet in Living Room

We offer
a vast selection
of flooring from top manufacturing brands at our
Glendale showroom.



& Residential


Carpet is a fantastic choice to bring warmth and comfort to any space, helping create a soft and inviting environment. It is perfect for kids play areas, and inviting to recline on. For colder days, especially during the winter, carpet keeps the home warm. Preferred in commercial buildings for the reduction of foot noise. Carpet is
one of the more economically friendly choices of flooring.


With the option of laminates, you can have the rich look of hardwood floors without the high cost. They offer a vide variety of styles to choose from for your personal taste and style. Strong and durable, this is a great choice for active homes.


Premium vinyl is a durable, stable and long lasting option perfect for high traffic areas. Resilient and resistant, it can survive wear and tear from moisture, stains and even scratches from heels, pets, play time, and plenty more.


Bringing value to your home, the hardwood floor is a popular choice for the new home owner. Beautiful 
natural tones will create warmth and elegance in any space. A long lasting option, the hardwood floor will outlive most of its 
opponents with an occasional finishing, while other options would need to be replaced if damaged.


SPC and WPC are a good choice for commercial and home environments. They are similar in the way that they are constructed and don't warp or expand when exposed to moisture. Easy to clean, they are completely waterproof and require little maintenance, all you need is to wipe the floor down with a damp cloth.

Vinyl & Linolium

Where there is activity and heavy foot traffic, vinyl is the choice of flooring that will resist. It is durable, moisture resistant and does not fade or stain easily. Vinyl is one of the more  versatile and lasting choices of flooring.

Linoleum Coating
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